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★★ 67 Stepshttps://www.tailopez.com Tai ~ How I Went From $47 In My Bank Account To Living In Beverly Hills

A little over 4 years ago I recorded a video on YouTube that went absolutely viral when I first started really recording content on my channel.

I had just gotten a Lamborghini Gallardo which ended up being the first of many other cars including Rolls Royce’s and a Ferrari.

And even more valuable than all these materialistic things like cars, houses, and traveling all over the world has always been my book collection.

I’ve had so many books overflowing my personal libraries, I’ve had to build multiple bookshelves in my garages.

It’s like the billionaire Warren Buffet said, “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

If you’ve seen my TEDx talk, you know that I read a book a day- I say that not to show off, but it’s really about the knowledge.

If you remember from my video, it wasn’t too long ago that I started from nothing. I was sleeping on my mom’s couch in a mobile home with $47 in my bank account. I didn’t have a college degree and no opportunities.

But something did happen that changed my life and I recorded a video about it here. https://www.tailopez.com

I found a mentor.

In fact, I found 5 millionaire mentors who would show me how they became multi-millionaires.

These 5 people taught me things that they don’t teach you in school. They taught me foundations, frameworks, life lessons that you must know before you go out into the real world.

Their lives and their teachings became a blueprint for me to follow along and so I recorded them.

Check out this video about one of those frameworks. https://www.tailopez.com

Common sense isn’t so common anymore.

So what I’ve done is I’ve compiled all the lessons I’ve learned from my mentors and my personal experiences that I first made just to share with my employees and family.

I’ve released it to the public almost 5 years ago and since then it’s been one of my most popular resources for my students.

I called it the 67 Steps.

It’s 67 lessons, where you get one lesson a day for 67 days. They say it takes 66 days to form a new habit, but I added 1 more for good luck.

I’ve always offered it for $67 or about $1/day for 67 days.

But now, for a limited time, it’s just $33 which is a great deal for people who have not gone through it yet. It’s completely worth it.

Click here to get my 67 Steps.

Let me know what you think of it. Did you already go through the 67 Steps? Or maybe you never heard of it?

If not, maybe now is the time to check it out for the price of a little more than a very good book.

Stay Strong,

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