Digital Real Estate | What kind of online business is most profitable? Jeff Lerner & ENTRE Institute can help.

Lemme guess. You’re looking for a way to leverage an online business to create more security and freedom in your life. But you wanna know which online business is most profitable before you start—which makes absolute sense. And while that’s a good question to ask, I don’t think it goes deep enough. 9-Figure entrepreneur, Jeff Lerner has built and ran a few different “digital real estate”, online businesses and with his company, ENTRE (aka “The ENTRE Institute”) his mission has been to educate and help people from several walks of life to use online entrepreneurship to create an “awesome life” for themselves.

Who is Jeff Lerner? And what online businesses were most profitable for him?

Once there was a professional pianist who played several gigs and ended up injuring his hand. Over the years he’s had several failing businesses, a marriage that was fading away, and $495,000 in debt. With rent coming up, Jeff was running out of options and with the left over money from his defunct restaurant, he looked into Affiliate Marketing. Soon he was able to pay off his debt within months and over the years he’s used one online business to grow the next–from Affiliate Marketing to Digital Advertising…and finally to Direct Online Sales. Eventually, Jeff made over $55,000,000 in revenue online. (I have a whole other post breaking down his exact revenue and profit numbers right here.) It’s pretty dope and he’s completely transparent about it. Currently Jeff’s company ENTRE, helps thousands of ordinary people create their ideal lives by leveraging Digital Real Estate and Entrepreneurship.

What Is Digital Real Estate?

“Digital Real Estate” in it’s simplest terms is an online asset that you build that can make you money for a great amount of time. Almost like if you buy an apartment building and you rent it out to tenants, their recurring payments hit your bank account as long as you own the property. And obviously there’s other costs involved, but you get the picture. A simple example is an Email List. The old cliche in Digital Marketing is that “the money’s in the list”. Why? Because an email list has an audience that you built rapport with over time and they’re familiar with you and most likely bought products or services from you. So–Year 1—if you promote an offer and get 100 people on that list, Year 5—the same offer has totaled up 100,000 people. And with the right email offers sent to buy something, Year 1—your list made $100,000. Year 5—it made $3,000,000. No hard and fast rules, since many variables are at play. Just an example how that asset can grow like planting a seed and overtime it germinates and bears fruit. Very profitable.

There are many other Digital Real Estate examples. Especially with the businesses Jeff Lerner’s built which are (again) Affiliate Marketing, a Digital Advertising Agency, and Online Courses. (And again you can find his specific profits broken down right here.) Other simple examples could be a YouTube Channel, a blog (*wink-wink*), and other Social Media channels with followings. And just like Real Estate, should you choose to, you could sell these assets if they’ve appreciated in value well enough and generated a great amount of money. A great example of this is when Mike Chang started “Six Pack Shortcuts” in the late 2000’s on YouTube to promote his digital course. He grew the channel to millions of followers and even made $10,000,000 per year, according to Mike Vestil. He was then able to sell the channel to someone else which was later re-branded. Digital Real Estate is definitely Jeff Lerner’s specialty and I talk a bit about what I’ve learned from him in my own experience and also what I’ve learned from The ENTRE Institute.

What Is The ENTRE Institute?

Jeff’s company ENTRE is a truly a gem in the world of Digital Real Estate and online business. As I’ve mentioned before, you can find a more detailed breakdown of what I’ve learned from them and their “ENTRE Blueprint” right here in this post. What makes ENTRE standout is that it’s not ANOTHER “make money online” course (or even online course in general). It’s a digital education platform that helps people get clear on:

  1. Defining their ideal life
  2. Giving them a powerful, strategic blueprint (that’s helped thousands of people, including Jeff)
  3. Helping people figure out the best business for themselves (as well as what’s profitable)
  4. Assisting with launching that business in 90 days guaranteed (the only online platform to make that claim legally)

(NOTE: how successful that business is depends on the individual and what they put into it as well as other external factors. So no income claims are being implied or guaranteed here at all.)

And of course if that’s something you’re interested in looking at, you check that out right here.

How can Jeff Lerner’s ENTRE Institute help you find a profitable online business?

I wrote in one of my earlier posts that I wish I had the guidance that Jeff Lerner and the ENTRE Institute provided back in 2016 , when embarking on my online business journey. And I’m happy to write that guidance is available to you and you have a better chance of not making the same mistakes as I did. The biggest mistake was picking the online business that was not right for ME. I nodded at the beginning of this post that the question of “what kind of online business is most profitable” is a valid question, but it doesn’t go deep enough. And while Digital Real Estate businesses like Affiliate Marketing, a Digital Advertising Agency, and even Online Courses are highly profitable…chances are you still need to ask a bigger question…

—> “What kind of online business is most profitable…and is BEST for ME.” <—

NOW, we’re getting somewhere! And regardless of your reason for searching this, you have to make sure you go with the one that’s best for you! We are all different. Different backgrounds, situations, personalities, and environments. You could have the most profitable online business and still be miserable.

That’s why I recommend you get some guidance. If you check out Jeff’s free training, you will be given an opportunity to work with one of his trusted business advisors (that would normally cost you $200/hr) to help you determine which online business is best for you based off what kind of life you want to live. And as far as profitability is concerned, they (and Jeff) will give you deeper insights into that. I got a lot of value with their special offer and it actually confirmed what was the best course of action for me.

But first things first is making sure you get guidance to pick what’s best for you so I’d HIGHLY recommend checking out the world of Jeff Lerner and ENTRE with the FREE training right here (even comes with a complimentary e-book!)

Hope this helps and…

To Your Ideal Life!