The 5 Things BROKE People Do That The Rich DON’T

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On Today’s Episode:

Nobody is successful in life without overcoming failure and adversity several times along the way.

We’re revisiting some of the most compelling interviews ever on Impact Theory in this mashup. Tai Lopez, Jay Williams, David Bayer, and Tim Grover have got heavy-duty stories about not quitting, what you need to do if you find yourself in a hole, and how you can pivot to a better life.

We’ve all been there, feeling stuck and not knowing where to turn. By giving you my insights and talking about the things that might be driving you into darkness, I hope you’ll find clarity and use honesty to help you make essential changes in your life.

Understand this.

You have it in you to make a comeback from any setback.

And this week we’re going to show you how.

Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur, author, investor, motivational speaker, crypto philanthropist, and creator of The 67 Steps Program, a guide to simplifying the process of personal profit and higher philosophical understanding of the “Good Life.” Check out his full episode here:

By age 21, Jay Williams had achieved his dreams of playing in the NBA and becoming wealthy. But before his second season, he suffered a horrific motorcycle accident that led to 10 surgeries, months in the ICU, and doubts that he would walk again. It took him years to heal, but he eventually clawed his way out of the darkness to become a popular NBA analyst. See his full episode here:

David Bayer built a series of highly successful internet ventures but paid a price, battling long-term drug addiction and alcoholism. He eventually recovered and embraced a new addiction…personal evolution. Today, he’s made it his mission to help people overcome their limiting beliefs through visualization to get to their optimal mindset. See his full episode here:

Tim Grover is an iconic peak performance and mental toughness trainer who has coached hundreds of athletes, including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. He is also the author of two widely acclaimed best sellers, Relentless and Winning, that have become must-reads by anyone seeking to blast through barriers holding them back. Check out Tim’s full episode here:


1:00 | The Four Pillars of Happiness (Lopez)
5:15 | Conscientiousness is Most Correlated to Business Success (Lopez)
12:35 | The Importance of Reading and Mentoring (Lopez)
19:30 | You Have to be Crazy to be Great/The Kobe Story (Williams)
23:30 | The Relentless Mentality (Williams)
27:31 | How to Assess Who You Really Are (Williams)
31:30 | Making Choices and Overcoming Adversity (Williams)
37:35 | Breakthroughs Based on What You Believe In (Bayer)
45:00 | Finding Clarity and Linking it to Purpose (Bayer)
47:55 | Helping People Get Past Their Fears (Bayer)
55:20 | Q & A with Tim – How to Bounce Back from Failure (Bilyeu)
1:36:50 | Tim Grover and Understanding Your Dark Side (Tim Grover)


“The Four Pillars (of happiness) are health, wealth, love and happiness.” Tai Lopez [1:01]

“Optimizing your life around hustling is like optimizing your life around going pee.” Tai Lopez [4:04]

“…he dropped 40 on us. So after the game, I had to ask him, and I went up to Kobe and said, ‘Why were you in the gym so long before the game?’ and he said, ‘Because I saw you come in…” Jay Williams [21:30]

“I believe that unbound intelligence is all there is…it’s mathematical in its expression.” David Bayer [38:44]

“One of the most interesting things I find about love is that you’re opening yourself up to far more easily being hurt. It’s a very vulnerable state.” Tom Bilyeu [59:20]

“The greatest gift anyone can give you is doubt.” Tom Bilyeu [1:30:10]

“Most people will not use every tool they have because they’re afraid, they don’t know how to control it, acknowledge it, they’re afraid of being judged.” Tim Grover [1:38:25]

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