How did Jeff Lerner Make His Money?

(From Jeff Lerner himself)

By Tariq A. Clark

$55 MILLION made on the internet.

How..THE HELL..did he do it?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve also come across a Jeff Lerner ad or video and asked,

“How did Jeff Lerner Make His Money??” I mean…
“What THE HELL did this man DO??”

The answer might shock you. Sure you’re ready?
……it’s actually pretty damn simple.

Now I talked about how if one is looking for a side hustle to start living the life they want, to first
check out Jeff Lerner’s book. And I also talked a bit about Jeff’s story and his personal &
business development company, ENTRE, and why I recommend it. (You can read all of that

But as far as how Jeff made his money…

……Jeff actually tells you himself straight from his new book, Unlock Your Potential.

And you hear more of how we started with the online business model that’s best for him.

But I’ll gladly reveal it here.

The answer is in Chapter 17: “Preparing For Your New Future” which is in Part V of the book,
“Creating Surplus Income”. And on pages 181-182, Jeff addresses exactly how he made his money with straight transparency and nothing to hide.

In fact, he makes it crystal clear how much he made in gross revenue vs. profits.


Aight so straight from the horse’s mouth(—or horse’s book rather)….

2009-2012: Affiliate Marketer (100% Owner) Gross Revenue: ~ $10 Million
Profit Margin: ~30%
Profits: ~$3 million

2013-2018: Digital agency owner (100% Owner) Gross Revenue: ~$30 million
Profit Margin: ~25%
Profits: ~$7.5 million

2016-2018: Online direct sales (50% owner)
Gross Revenue: ~$15 million
Profit Margin: ~30%
Profits: ~$4.5 million (x 50% ownership= $2.75 million)

Total revenue: $55 million
*Average profit margin: -27.27%
Estimated profits (2008-2018): $13,250,000
*Total of revenue times profit margin for each business divided by total revenue for all
businesses: ($10M x.3) + ($30M x .25) + ($15M x .3) / $55M

You can also get his FREE e-book when you check out his complimentary video training (right here).

Another thing I ALSO thought was helpful to know was the fact that he had invested $14,000
(remaining from a failed franchise business) into starting affiliate marketing. Granted, that’s not a
strict “rule” to follow in order to be successful at it, but that’s what Jeff himself did.

One of the big things is Jeff is also really big on the concept of Digital Real Estate (which you can read about here ).

But that’s it!
Affiliate Marketing,
Digital Advertising, and
Online Direct Sales!

That answers the question “How did Jeff Lerner make his money?”

The COOL thing is that this time when you get the book you get his ENTRE BluePrint as a
bonus which is something I WISH I had before I started getting into the online business space in

I originally bought the ENTRE Blueprint for $37 by itself, but now it’s an added bonus at a
reduced price. (You can read about my initial experience and recommendations for it here.)

But if anyone was starting their journey in the online business world, especially those looking to
use it to create their ideal lifestyle…

…I would say “Do yourself a favor and dive into the world of Jeff Lerner.”