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Ultra-successful, multi-millionaire, entrepreneur (and some say scam artist) Alex Becker meets…

…ultra-successful, multi-millionaire, entrepreneur (and some say scam artist) Tai Lopez live on stage to talk about cutting edge entrepreneurship, shopify, and the TRUE way to make money online in 2018 using Tai’s rarely discussed, controversial “NBA Secret.”

And they do not disappoint. Appearing at Alex Becker’s 10 Pillars Live event; Tai Lopez goes all the way in laying out what it takes to make millions on the internet in today’s economic and business landscape.

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[FAIR WARNING] Tai and Alex pull no punches in this rare youtube video.

If you’re currently an entrepreneur or considering starting or buying a business venture, be prepared to hear some things in this video that might shake you up, piss you off, or you may disagree with…

…but watch the whole thing through with an open mind because there will be at least one new thing you’ll hear that will make you more money.

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