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Luigi Cornaro, the writer of today’s book of the day, was ahead of his time when it comes to health and longevity.

He lived until he was 102 years old… back in the late 1400’s, early 1500’s.

This is a time when the 100 years war had recently ended and the world’s population was greatly reduced by the Bubonic Plague.

Longevity was not the norm back then.

Nowadays it’s more common for there to be centenarians. My grandmother lived until she was 102 years old and I see parallels between what she did and what Luigi Cornaro wrote in The Art of Living Long.

What makes his story so unique is that when he was around 70 years old, Luigi was in an accident where a horse and buggy flipped over.

Instead of following the medical knowledge of the time (bloodletting or leaches), he followed his own diet and was fine.

So, what was his formula?

1. “Always leaving the table well able to take more.”

One of the places with the most centenarians in the world is Okinawa. They call this principle eating until you’re about 80% full.

Legendary bodybuilder Tom Platz says to eat more, but in smaller meals. Eating too much pushes your belly out. So, even for aesthetic reasons not overeating is a good idea.

You can do intermittent fasting and there is science that backs it; but I think something that’s doable for most people is temperance with every meal.

2. “I have also been careful to guard against great heat and cold.”

I think this one is a common sense one.

There is science behind cold thermogenesis; Wim Hof does controlled extreme cold exposure.

But, there is a big difference between building up to withstand extreme cold using cold baths versus just doing what one of the Russian tsars did.

He went out in the extreme cold in his 70s without a hat and died of pneumonia.

3. Avoid extreme fatigue

There are entrepreneurs with the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mindset. However, Jeff Bezos, one of the most successful humans on the planet, sleeps 8 hours.

Jeff Bezos says that as a leader you are paid to make a handful of decisions. So, your brain needs to be at its peak in order to make the right ones.

Luigi Cornaro would say: “I have never allowed my accustomed sleep and rest to be interfered with.”

4. Avoid poor ventilation for any length of time

My grandmother also lived to 102. She was from Germany and was living in Southern California.

You might not know, but Southern California can get cold since it’s a desert.

She would always sleep with her window open anyway.

So, there is probably some truth to this principle.

In conclusion, some things are timeless. Centuries after Luigi lived, science has come to similar conclusions.

Don’t overeat, sleep well, take care of your body temperature and get fresh air.

But, there isn’t a lot of money in telling people to do things that are essentially free… Maybe that’s why we are sold so many pills in the US.

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Tai Lopez Book Review -The Art Of Living Long by Luigi Cornaro
Tai Lopez Book Review -The Art Of Living Long by Luigi Cornaro
Tai Lopez Book Review -The Art Of Living Long by Luigi Cornaro

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