Is Mentorbox Worth It? (Tai Lopez Mentorbox Review)

Is Mentorbox by Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr worth it? is it worth the money, the cost? In my opinion, I certainly think so. I’ve been a Mentorbox customer for ten months now, and it just keeps getting better. Today’s video is a review of my Mentorbox experience, and also highlights some really unique lessons that I learned from the latest Mentorbox in particular. A few topics covered include:

* How I completed the most recent Mentorbox in 4.6 hours. That’s only 2.3 hours per book! And, I’m putting all the lessons into action.
* How I absolutely love the latest Mentorbox workbook for Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday. This is my single favorite piece of content from my entire time as a Mentorbox customer. It’s essentially a blueprint for formulating a business plan.
* My personal strategy for completing Mentor Box in record time each month. Now that I’ve leveraged this strategy for two months, I will never go back. I now “challenge” myself to complete Mentorbox quickly. It has made all the different.
* How I always start with the videos, then cheat sheets, then workbooks. I read the books last. This order has made all the difference in how I gain value from Mentorbox.
* Learn how this program has been instrumental in my personal success.
* So much more! This is a long video review, packed with content.

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