What’s A Good Side HustleTo Live The Life YOU Want?Start with THIS Jeff Lerner Book!

By Tariq A. Clark

These are the questions I wish I asked before starting a side hustle or
online business…
“How can I live the life I want?”
“What’s a good side hustle for me?”
Or even better…
“How do I create MY ideal lifestyle with the side hustle or online
business…that’s best for ME?”
You’re probably asking the same question now and on top of that…
“And what’s this Jeff Lerner book all about?”
Aight sit tight cause…

  • The 3 Problems We’re Facing (As Americans) Looking For New
    Online Income Opportunities
  • Who Is 9-Figure Entrepreneur, Jeff Lerner—and…
  • How Jeff Can Help You Find The Best Side Hustle And Online

    Business That’s Best For YOU
    And real quick–the BEST thing about Jeff Lerner’s approach is that…
    …he helps you define YOUR ideal lifestyle so you can find the best
    business that supports it.
    But, BEFORE we progress…

    …I wanted to NOTE that at the current time of writing this, Jeff’s solution is
    only for people who live within the United States and unfortunately Utah is
    excluded for NOW.

    Now that I’ve made that clear…on to the fun stuff!

    If you’re anything like me…you’ve been searching the internet for side
    hustles and online business opportunities to fund and live the life you want.
    You probably have this vision beyond your senses of what it would be like
  • Have Financial Independence
  • Have the freedom to travel and work anywhere
  • Spend more time with your loved ones
  • …or EVEN become a millionaire.
    And you probably already have an idea of what you would do with the
    extra funds…
  • What debts you would pay off
  • What creative passions you would pursue
  • What loved ones you would support more
  • What charities and worthy causes you’d donate more to
  • And countless others!

    But unfortunately, this leads us to…
    The 3 Problems We’re Facing As Americans
    Looking For New Online Income Opportunities
    The FIRST PROBLEM is things are getting more expensive. Inflation is
    happening. And the cost of goods and services are increasing. This will make it
    difficult for anyone with an average salary to increase their quality of living and
    create their ideal life.

    And if you’re reading this, you’re probably fully aware of that and that’s why
    you’re looking for a new opportunity to remedy this.…which leads me into…
    THE SECOND PROBLEM…Internet Scammers.
    I’ve pretty much seen it all. People on the internet promoting or directly
    messaging you…
  • Online Money Course Scams
  • FOREX Scams
  • Crypto Scams
  • Stock Scams
  • Real Estate Scams
  • And other empty, “Get Rich Quick” promises

    These people prey on people’s financial desperations and dreams…they
    even guilt-trip folks into buying. The simplest way to navigate this is to DO
    YOUR OWN RESEARCH. And definitely look into the testimonials (and make
    sure they’re not comment-bot testimonials on posts.)

    But sometimes it’s tricky to distinguish the legit from the illegit marketers.
    For example—you’re probably reading this on my good friend and mentor
    David J. Woodbury’s site.

    He promotes a lot of Tai Lopez products.

    Since his infamous and viral “Here In My Garage” YouTube Ad with his Lamborghini, Tai
    has been a controversial internet marketing figure. And there isn’t a lot of
    information on him aside from his website and social media channels.
    But that’s because Tai prefers to keep certain aspects of his life private.

    One might argue “he’s got something to hide” and there have been a lot of
    YouTubers who’ve attempted to “take him down” and “expose him”, but having
    bought 2 of Tai’s courses myself and went to one of his in-person events and met
    his team and business partners…that’s just the way he sets up his presence.
    Plus if you follow his social channels, he shares quite a bit there (not as
    much as he used to, but he did).

    My personal anecdote—what motivated me to buy Tai’s courses was
    actually digital word-of-mouth from 3 successful Fitness
    Entrepreneurs/YouTubers I’ve followed. I also got a testimonial from a long-time
    childhood friend of mine.

    That and watching several of Tai’s long “Book of the Day” talks on
    YouTube and getting insights into how he thinks. That made me build trust with
    him even more along with the testimonials from real people I’ve read about.
    Also if it wasn’t for buying one of Tai’s courses, I wouldn’t have met
    David–who’s a genuine, awesome person for letting me share this with you on
    his site. (Thanks fam!)

    So if some online business opportunity intrigues you, see if you can find
    genuine testimonials before you buy.
    Also, BEWARE OF “The ‘Anti-Scammer’ Scammer”–cynics who wanna
    keep people broke and miserable like them.

    Not only are there people who will scam you after you buy, but there are
    people who make unfair reviews solely because they make a living off
    “taking people down” and “exposing people” as “scammers” which also
    makes it difficult to navigate. Scamming people out of legit opportunities is just as

    People have done it to Tai. And people have done it to Jeff.
    But let’s say you’ve done your research and you’ve found a few different
    opportunities to build an online business and fund your dream life…
    Now we come against…THE THIRD PROBLEM…

  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Dropshipping
  • Amazon FBA
  • Funnel Building
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Course Creation
  • Print-On-Demand Store
  • Anything with eCommerce
  • Consulting
  • High Ticket Closing…etc, etc.

    The BLESSING is there are SO many ways to make money
    online…just start with ONE.

    The CURSE is there are SO many ways to make money
    online…WHERE THE HELL do you START?

    A lot of Internet Marketers, Course Creators, and Online Entrepreneurs are
    aware of this and so they do a lot of convincing via advertising that their way is

    “The BEST way”.

    Some will even try to convince you that some of these methods that still
    work today are DEAD…just to get you to buy their “solution”!

    But here’s the question I’m rarely seeing ANYONE ask right now…

    Which Side Hustle or Online Business Method
    Is The BEST For YOU?

    I wish I had consulted with someone who could help me with this before I
    bought any online money-making course.
    Here’s the REALITY…

    Not every entrepreneur (or human being) is exactly the same.
    We all have different backgrounds, mindsets, physical capabilities, drives,
    goals, visions, dreams, and so on.

    We also do NOT start at the EXACT same place. And…

    Not every business and business model is exactly the same with the
    same level of difficulty. SO…

    What about YOU?
    What is YOUR Ideal Lifestyle?
    What Online Business can best fund and support YOUR Ideal Lifestyle?
    Has anyone even bothered to ask you those questions before they tried to
    sell you anything?

    So far, I’ve only found one person from one company that comes close to
    helping you with those questions and that is Jeff Lerner of The ENTRE


    Slight detour—I was already doing some work in affiliate marketing before,
    but I was also considering an easily scalable online business model after that
    stage. (Cause let’s be honest if you’re a Russell Brunson or ClickFunnels fan
    those 2-Comma Club Awards look kinda sexy).

    At that time I came across a YouTube Ad with Jeff awhile back and he was
    talking about how 1700 Americans are becoming millionaires a day citing the
    Fortune article. He even used the term “Coffee Shop Millionaire” and how they
    were becoming millionaires with simple online businesses using their laptops and

    Jeff also used the term “Digital Real Estate” (which I actually first heard
    from David) and that also got me curious. And he said he made over
    $50,000,000+ with his Digital Real Estate businesses over the years.
    Now, I usually ignore money-making ads on YouTube because a lot of
    them seem like unsustainable-in-the-long-term trends (even if they have
    2-Comma Club X Awards).

    Plus, I was in the process of actually IGNORING all the marketing noise
    around making money online so I could focus and fine-tune what I already know.
    But something about Jeff seemed different to me.

    He didn’t seem like the type of guru who was in poor shape and trying to
    sell you a course just cause they could. He seemed like a healthy, genuine
    everyday man who loved to spend time with his wife and children. And
    while empowering and impacting people in the world.

    Long story short, he seemed like a man who not only worked on his
    business, but his entire life all at once—which in a way was reminiscent of
    Tai–so I clicked the ad to learn more about his free ebook offer.

    From his Free Millionaire Shortcut E-Book I picked up, I learned he was
    actually, a professional music artist before he got into the online business world.
    (As a hyper-creative and music artist myself, this resonated with me).
    He also mentioned he was $400,000 in debt and in a failing marriage,
    before he bounced back with a Multimillion Dollar, Affiliate Marketing
    business–which then set him up to build a seven-figure Digital Marketing
    Agency (which he later sold), and now what he calls a “Legacy Business”
    to build generational wealth.

    His “Legacy Business” is The ENTRE Institute, a two-time INC 5000
    personal growth & entrepreneur education company. He actually
    elaborates more on that story here in his free Ebook & video training here.

    If you recall in my earlier description (as well as his free video training
    after you get the Ebook) notice how Jeff didn’t try to sell you a course on…
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Building a Digital Marketing Agency,
  • or a “Legacy Business”…RIGHT AWAY!

    Neither did he say “one business is better than the other” or that
    these were “the only methods” like a lot of internet marketing & business
    gurus claim.

    These were the three Digital Real Estate business models that worked
    for him, got him to where he is, and is now openly sharing with you.
    In fact (as an affiliate), I’ll be completely open on what he does offer you…
    …a blueprint.

    And not just any blueprint….

    …The ENTRE Blueprint (cause it ain’t sexy unless ya brand it!)

    To be honest…what I wish I had after graduating film school, looking for a
    side hustle or business opportunity to self-fund my projects and my ideal life.
    While I got a lot of value and owe a great amount of my entrepreneurial
    knowledge and journey to Tai Lopez, after going through his 67 STEPS and his
    Social Media Marketing courses…

    …this is the starting point I wish I would have started with after going THE
    67 STEPS (which covers ideas on how to create Health, Wealth, Love, and
    Happiness—it’s not a business-specific course for building wealth).
    You ask me, The ENTRE BLUEPRINT is the next level.
    Because…not only do you get to figure out which of the proven,
    “Digital Real Estate” businesses are best for you…
    …but you have actual support from trusted business advisers (that
    would normally cost you $200 daily to talk to)!
    And TRUST ME…those advisers care!

    I originally only bought the Blueprint and all the bonuses for $47 just so I
    could get an answer to an Affiliate Marketing question that I’ve been spending
    months scouring the internet for.

    I knew there was a 30-day money-back guarantee, but I finally got that
    question answered that I didn’t refund because it was honestly worth thousands
    more than the $47 I paid!

    But I completely forgot, there were complementary advisers there to
    help me out! Originally, I found the text and email follow-up annoying because I
    had a completely different agenda as to why I bought the Blueprint…
    …but that’s amazing! You get support from real human beings making sure
    you’re progressing in the course and will help you figure out what’s the best
    online business path for you!

    Now Jeff positions that as one of the bonuses for getting the Blueprint, but
    in my humble opinion–aside from his health and lifestyle perspective to building a
    business and the life you want….that is by far the most important aspect.

    After I went through Tai’s 67 STEPS, I was fully convinced I wanted to be
    an entrepreneur and self-fund my creative pursuits and fund a healthy life of
    freedom for other experiences as well.

    One thing I wish I had earlier in my entrepreneurial journey was
    someone on his team or anyone qualified to discuss 1-on-1…
    A. What kind of lifestyle am I trying to build?

    B. What income vehicle/online business would be best for me (and my
    specific situation) to support that lifestyle?

    And that’s what these advisers at ENTRE are here to help you with.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for learning from Tai and everyone in his
    Social Media Marketing Agency course.

    I saw the opportunity and loved the idea of helping business owners easily
    work on what they want to do in their lives so that I could do the same in mine with
    what they’d pay me. I saw it as God’s work and serving my fellow man.
    That’s also how I met David, and many others, and even got access to some of
    the most powerful Facebook Ad training.

    …but an online service business wasn’t necessarily appropriate for
    where I was trying to go specifically.

    And I wish I had that professional and human support to weigh the
    pros and cons of each model and what’s best for me in that period of my life
    before I pursued that specific venture.
    But for you, it might be different though!
    Well honestly, Jeff can explain it better than me…

    …but I’ll give you a brief insider look at what he presented in the course and you
    can make your decision to check him out from there. We already discussed the
    dedicated adviser to your success, but here’s what follows…
  • First, he covers “The Fundamentals Of Modern Entrepreneurship”
    which is essentially what it takes to create and live the life you want.
  • Secondly, “The Business of Modern Entrepreneurship” as well as a
    deeper dive into The 3 Business Models he successfully made millions
    from (that we discussed earlier) to show what’s possible in the modern
  • The third is “The Business Plan”, which is clearly defining the life you
    want, figuring out the best business route for your needs…
    …and finally (this last one surprised me) successfully launch your
    dream business in 90 days…GUARANTEED.
    Now I know that last part is a bold claim–but hear me out!
    Jeff and his team are the only online entrepreneurship education
    companies to legally make that claim! They are delivering on their word and
    helping you get this done.

    That being said, that does NOT guarantee that you’ll be rich or make
    money at all…

    …it guarantees that they’ll assist you in successfully launching your
    business in that time frame!

    How well your business does and what you earn is entirely up to you.
    Lastly, I wanna cover the FINAL foundational part of THE ENTRE


    Again, if you’re reading this on David’s site, you might find it reminiscent of
    Tai’s “4 Pillars Of The Good Life” (Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness). In
    fact, one could argue these are distant cousins.

    I won’t spend a lot of time explaining here, because I think Jeff’s pillars for
    the most part are self-explanatory. He even shares with you what specific metrics
    determine how well you’re doing in each of these categories.
    He even throws in some other valuable bonuses that are worth checking

    out as well, but OVERALL—the point I’m trying to illustrate is…
    This isn’t ANOTHER course on making money online or internet

    And it SURE AS HELL ain’t “a scam”.
    This is someone who’s walked the walk and is inspired to help build the

    ENTRE entrepreneur from the inside and out…
  • Mentally
  • Physically
  • Spiritually (whatever you believe in)
  • …and of course Financially.

    All of those important things we neglect when getting into the business.
    We get so caught up in all the financial hacks, strategies, and
    tactics—meanwhile, our bodies and relationships are failing.

    I’ve seen colleagues make $100K/mo and develop chronic illnesses
    because they were so invested in building their businesses and not addressing
    the health of their bodies and brains.

    One of my colleagues actually developed cancer and thank God he’s
    alive to tell the tale!

    That’s another topic I could babble about, but I wanted to end with…
    …Jeff understands the entire machine and what makes it work.
    And that’s why I believe Jeff Lerner and ENTRE is WORTH checking out.

    …but you be the judge and download his FREE EBook here! Jeff will
    send it right to your inbox and tell you more of his amazing story.
    Also, make sure you WATCH the video training on the next page as
    RARELY, do I come across affiliate offers or guidance I believe in.
    (And that’s worth sharing).
    That’s not to say “I agree with everything Jeff says”, but this is the closest
    starting point to building a successful, online business that’s right for you.
    Jeff Lerner’s on to something.
    And his program has the guidance I wish I had when starting out in my
    entrepreneurial journey 6 years ago.
    …SIMPLE ANSWER—“Just START with this Jeff Lerner Book!”