Tai Lopez Wants Your Money to Buy Businesses

Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr are promoting their new venture to raise private capital and purchase popular brands in order to turn them into e-commerce giants.

Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr business is called Retail Ecommerce Ventures and they have already bought numerous household brand names.

This video is to show my due diligence on the company in hopes that you do yours before investing your money.


0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Accredited Investors Only
2:12 – What They Are Actually Buying
3:01 – Alex Mehr Deep Dive
5:46 – Bad Reviews of Previous Business
6:51 – Retail Ecommerce Ventures
7:41 – Revealing Truth About Radio Shack Acquisition
8:30 – This One Acquisition Is Odd
10:04 – Overpaying for an Asset
11:25 – Tai & Alex Monthly Revenue
12:11 – Stein Mart Bankruptcy & Debt
13:55 – Conclusion


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Video Transcript