I Paid Tai Lopez THOUSANDS

Many people think Tai Lopez is a scam artist. But is he? I paid him thousands of dollars to find out.


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The first time I heard about Tai Lopez was in 2018 at Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Con. As you can see during this Guru Series, that conference was the first time I heard of many of these people.

When he took the stage, he was essentially one of the headliners. He got a bigger ovation than almost everyone else. He talked about his infamous Lamborghini in his garage video. He went over some of the various online companies he owned. It was very insightful.

He talked a lot about marketing and started asking people in the audience to shout out their websites for him to evaluate. That was really cool seeing him critique them and what he would change.

I honestly don’t remember much about his presentation but I liked his style so I bought his product. It was an eight week course. You got to be in a private Facebook Group where he did a weekly call talking about marketing and online businesses. At the end of the eight weeks everyone would get to go to his house for a party.

The eight week course was worth the money. I learned quite a bit about online marketing and what to do. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to his house. I had another event I went to that was the same date. I’m not sure if I can still redeem my ticket but I would love to check it out.

Overall I think Tai is a master at online marketing. I wouldn’t take his real estate courses or anything like that. But if it has to do with marketing then I’m down with it.


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