How Fousey Beat Addiction & Built A 20 Million Follower

Fousey talks about the struggle with Tai Lopez

Fousey is one of the Youtube OG’s! He talks about how to be an adaptable machine. Listen to how he beat addiction and gained over 20 million followers across platforms.

Fousey was once a struggling addict with no hope of ever finding success in life. He had spent years trying to break free from his addiction, but nothing seemed to work. That is until one day he stumbled across the power of YouTube and the ability it gave him to share his story with millions around the world.

Fousey tapped into the powerful platform of YouTube, where it has always been his aim to voice his journey; a passionate experience that pushed him away from addiction and closer to successful entrepreneurship. Every step of the way, Fousey shared stories about how he bravely went up against seemingly insurmountable obstacles in order to find adaptive ways to press forwards. Little by little, one measured determination towards the next goal after another, he managed to arm himself into what he proudly proclaims as ‘the adaptive machine’.

Fousey’s message resonated far beyond anything he ever expected; within just three months, Fousey even gained over 20 million followers on platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram! His videos have been viewed by millions more across multiple countries worldwide – inspiring those who watch them to never give up hope in their own lives no matter how hard these days may seem.

Today, Fousey continues to use all available channels, be it Youtube, Instagram or Twitter to spread awareness about mental health issues like anxiety and depression. He focuses on promoting positivity, and motivating people around the world by being a beacon of hope and inspiration; he believes in resilience and you can too! His teachings are meant to foster faith in oneself, showing that leaving addiction and struggles behind is never an impossible activity if one works on reclaiming control over life. He materializes what appears impossible to each and everyone with his strong will––He shows that even when it feels like you’ve reached rock bottom at some point during the journey of your life, there is still space for blossoming anew into something profoundly fulfilling. Fouse truly is finding himself these days.

After struggling with addiction and feeling like he had no purpose, Fousey found strength in his own experiences. He began creating inspiring Youtube videos about resilience – resonating deeply with people across the globe! This message of perseverance soon gained him millions of followers on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram & Twitter – to date reaching a collective total of 20 million devoted fans!

Fousey was just a regular guy living in California, with dreams of making it big. The only thing he had going for him was his unwavering enthusiasm and positive attitude – something that the world desperately needed more of.

So when Fousey decided to start posting inspirational videos on YouTube and other social media platforms, he never expected what would happen next. It started slowly at first but within three months, his message resonated far beyond anything he ever expected; Fousey gained over 20 million followers on various platforms!

His videos were viewed by millions across multiple countries worldwide – inspiring those who watched them to never give up hope no matter how hard this all may seem. He had become an icon to many people around the globe for showing them that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. People from different backgrounds began sharing their own stories in response to Fousey’s videos – creating a powerful community where everyone could support each other during difficult times.

Fousey’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable; his initial small steps have truly changed lives all over the world!

Fousey’s life changed forever when his video about never giving up hope went viral. The simple message of perseverance, despite any odds, resonated with millions around the world. Overnight Fousey was catapulted from obscurity to a global sensation – he had gained 20 million followers on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram in just three months!

Fousey was overwhelmed by the response he received, but also determined to make an impact with his newfound fame. He decided that whatever platform he could reach people on, should be used for good and not evil. Taking inspiration from his own story of perseverance he started creating content focusing on overcoming obstacles and how anyone can achieve their dreams if they keep pushing forward no matter what challenges they may face.

This new series quickly gained traction amongst Fouseys fans who connected deeply with stories of resilience and courage in the face of adversity – they were inspired to take action themselves rather than feeling helpless or disempowered. Many shared their own experiences in comments sections across social media platforms as well as reaching out directly to Fousey through email or direct messages asking for advice or support during difficult periods in their lives; this made a huge impact on Fousey as every single one reminded him why he got into making videos in the first place: To help others believe there is always hope even when things look bleakest!

From then on Fousey committed himself wholeheartedly to spreading positivity and encouragement through all kinds of mediums whether it be video content or live events; gradually more people began joining forces with him until eventually, a whole community focused solely on uplifting those going through tough rough times emerged online.

This amazing initiative has since been coined ‘the fousers’ by its dedicated members who continue to share inspiring stories each day helping countless individuals facing seemingly insurmountable odds find strength within themselves again while also building an incredible bond between them all – something which would have never happened without Foseys initial spark of motivation spread throughout the internet so many months ago!

Fousey and Deji had been best friends since they were kids. They grew up together in their small suburban town and shared a special bond that could never be broken.

But then something changed. Fousey started to become more popular on the internet, with his own channel, creating comedy skits and vlogs that went viral overnight. His fame began to grow exponentially as he gained millions of followers around the world, including celebrities like Justin Bieber who praised his work online.

Meanwhile, Deji felt left out in all of this attention showered on Fousey. He was happy for his friend but also jealous of how much success he was having without him by his side like it used to be before Fousey became famous.

Things soon came to a head when tensions between them boiled over into an argument during one of their regular Skype calls one-night last year – which ended with both parties hanging up abruptly before things got too heated. Since then neither has spoken nor responded to any contact from the other; leading many fans to wonder what happened between Fousey and Deji.  Where did things go wrong? And will they ever reconcile?

He was a young man with a bright future, he had dreams of becoming an influencer and making his mark on the world. But those dreams were put in jeopardy when his struggles with addiction began to take over his life.

He tried to fight it but eventually succumbed to its power, allowing it to consume him. He stopped attending school and work, isolating himself from friends and family as he spiraled deeper into his addiction.

The downward spiral continued until one day he hit rock bottom; feeling broken and helpless, he reached out for help. After getting support from various addiction recovery programs, he slowly began rebuilding himself piece by piece until finally regained his strength again.

Even after all that had happened during this difficult period in his life, the most remarkable thing is that despite being broken at times throughout this journey – Fousey never let go of hope or lost sight of what mattered most: staying true to who you are no matter what life throws your way.

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