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You would be absolutely SHOCKED at how many big YouTube channels have broken links in their description!

It’s one huge, not to mention totally unnecessary, waste of income.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of testing with…

(Aka the new platform I released which monitors every description you have across all of your YouTube channels… and sends you notifications if any links break in your descriptions).

This is CRITICAL data…

Because if your links are broken you could be unknowingly STARVING your business of traffic, and putting it at risk.

I’ve noticed a lot of huge companies with broken links inside their descriptions.

To make matters worse, some of them upload templates…

Meaning that the SAME broken links are carried over into every single video they put out!

And just to warn you…

If the big guys are leaking money there’s a strong chance YOU could be too.

The good news is this problem can be solved with LinkDefendr…

Lucky for you, it’s out now!

  • LinkDefendr is an automated set-and-forget app…
  • Simply add all of your YouTube channels to the dashboard… (easy, even if you’re not a smarty pants). 
  • The app will check your links daily and send you alerts if they don’t work like this.

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