SMMA 3.0 & The 67 Steps for $49

To get SMMA 3.0 for $49 alone is a steal…

But because Tai’s team wanted to make the deal even sweeter, his top course about mindset and building powerful habits 67 Steps is also included.

Here are some of the many things you’ll learn in these programs:

How to craft the perfect offer How to build a store that sells other people’s products

How to create a customer avatar that helps you understand your buyers

The 10x offer stack we use to increases cart order value

How to use split tests and heat maps to optimize based on intent (no guesswork)

How to use simple and fun quizzes to acquire leads for almost free

What to say to someone who can’t afford your services, so they actually end up paying you MORE than you originally asked for

How to use Facebook’s billion-dollar machine learning algorithm to find customers for you

Building a Facebook campaign, step-by-step video walkthrough

The exact steps for scaling social media advertising

In-depth mindset training Interviews with CEOs, billionaires, authors, and successful entrepreneurs

Recommended resources, workbooks, and downloadable MP3s

And much, much more