Why E-commerce Is The Best Skill To Master In 2020- Tai Lopez E-Commerce Certified Specialist Program

In this video, Tai explains that E-Commerce is the next big trend for 2020 and beyond. The recent world events have changed the way we buy goods and services forever.

As you’re probably aware, brick and motor businesses are shutting down because they relied on physical stores and walk in customers. Now is the time to create and sell your own products online or sell other people’s products online.

Here is a Preview Of What’s Included in Tai Lopez’s E-Commerce Certified Specialist Program,

A full 4-month program that walks you through EVERYTHING you need to know about E-commerce Certification of your expertise and an endorsement of your skills upon completing the course and passing the final exam.

Proven insights from E-commerce experts who’ve made a minimum of $100,000,000 using the lessons they teach.

The secrets my business partner Alex Mehr, Ph.D and I used to invest 600 million in paid advertising and generate 1 billion in sales.

How to use the 4 Ps of business – product, price, promotion, and placement -to start and scale multiple E-commerce businesses.

A mastery of a skillset that is vital for doing business in the modern economy, so you can start your own business, get paid to consult, and even get your foot in the door at a Fortune 500 company.

This course is easily worth $4,000+ which is about the price of a quarter semester at college. Tai’s business partners share hours of valuable information that alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Here’s a break down of the value you are receiving:

  • Early Access To The 4-Month Program ($997)
  • Lessons From Instructors Who’ve Generated $100,000,000 (Minimum) From Ecommerce ($997)
  • Certification Of Your Expertise Upon Completion
  • Bonus: 1 On 1 Text Coaching (2 Months)
  • Total Value: ($1994)
  • Your Price Today:($1994) ($247.00 )

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme! You must put in the time and work to see tangible results. I’m currently enrolled in Tai’s E-Commerce Certified Specialist Program, so please connect with me here, if you’d like a behind the scenes tour of his program.

Join Tai’s E-Commerce Certified Specialist Program by clicking here!

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