3 Secrets to Becoming Self Motivated and Successful – Tai Lopez

In this video, Tai explains the 3 Secrets to becoming self motivated during changing volatile times.

  1. We as humans primarily motivate ourselves social or through social interactions. Matthew Lieberman wrote a book called Social Why Our Brains Are Wired To Connect, which explains that humans are wired to do things socially.
  2. Humans are motivated by the endowment effect or the threat of something being taken away: Your house, your food, your job. All of these factors drive us to make money money for security, comfort, health and prosperity. Tai learned E-Commerce while working at his first job at GE Capital and used the internet to generate leads.
  3. Humans are motivated by competition: Working on Joe Salatin’s farm, Tai learned what it was like to be hungry through physical labor and long hours. He was hungry to learn E-Commerce back in the early 2000’s and pushed through his fears.

That is why this is the perfect time to get into Tai’s E-Commerce Certified Specialist Program. If you’re hungry, motivated and teachable then this program is right for you!

Here is a Preview Of What’s Included in Tai Lopez’s E-Commerce Certified Specialist Program:

-A full 4-month program that walks you through EVERYTHING you need to know about ecommerce Certification of your expertise and an endorsement of your skills upon completing the course and passing the final exam -Proven insights from ecommerce experts who’ve made a minimum of $100,000,000 using the lessons they teach

-The secrets my business partner Alex Mehr, Ph.D and I used to invest 600 million in paid advertising and generate 1 billion in sales

-How to use the 4 Ps of business – product, price, promotion, and placement to start and scale multiple E-commerce businesses

-A mastery of a skillset that is vital for doing business in the modern economy, so you can start your own business, get paid to consult, and even get your foot in the door at a Fortune 500 company

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme! You must put in the time and work to see tangible results. I’m currently enrolled in Tai’s E-Commerce Certified Specialist Program, so please connect with me here, if you’d like a behind the scenes tour of his program. Join Tai’s E-Commerce Certified Specialist Program here!

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