Students of Tai (Their Story) Cesar Or

Hi everybody. My name is Cesar and I´m an engineer with a MBA.

I was searching ways to have income and begin to experiment with MLM in which I wasted a lot of money for a year and I didn´t get the results I wanted it and I started searching some light until I saw Tai Lopez TED talk about the 33 % rule which explains that you need to spend 33% of your time with people above your level, the other 33% with people the same level at you and the last 33% with people below you and the importance of reading and I started to followed Tai Lopez Youtube Channel since 2015. He was talking about the 67 steps program and I thought that if he was on TED maybe this program will help me in my life and helped me a lot because the knowledge that you get for only 67 dollars is insane. When I bought that program, I knew that I need to buy the other programs like the money accelerator and persuasion to have a radical change in my life. Since I have been investing in myself almost every time Tai Lopez launch a new program. When I started I was experimenting with all this training, I tried a social media marketing agency but I couldn´t find costumes, then I bought the Millionaire money mentor and the Entrepreneur Starter Kit that are not public anymore because they are closed. I keep trying to find a way to have an extra income from the internet and I found the Tai Lopez Affiliate Center and start promoting. Trying to have multiple streams of income I was following David Woodbury´s first Channel to learn how to promote Tai´s products. In 2016 start my Youtube Channel to promote Tai´s products and I uploaded videos like for almost 10 – 12 months until I had my first sale than I knew that I need to speed the process and bought David Woodbury´s Youtube Ranking Master Class and put that knowledge into practice, I don´t remember how many times I have watched all the training and to this day I still repeating the lessons. When David Woodbury launched the cashflow video series I was very happy because He helps people with the knowledge on his videos, you can search his Youtube Channel to learn a lot. When David launched the DREAM course I use that knowledge to make to promote Tai Lopez Products, because now I believe that you can achieve your goals if you find a good mentor and I will keep promoting Tai Lopez programs no matter what because they changed my life. If you believe in something keep doing it until you get a result and if you don´t get results keep experimenting with ideas and you will have success.

If you need information about Tai Lopez you can find it in my Youtube Channel Ceshar O, It has more the 700 hundred videos of Tai Lopez, you can learn a lot from those videos, from money-making, sales, persuasion, real state, social media marketing agency, entrepreneurship, digital social media, how to build an ecomm agency, how to make money online, etc., or if you want to learn more about the programs I made for people who want access to Tai Lopez Programs all in one place.

I´m also in the Tai Lopez Cashflow Program I bought it to have the rights to promote the programs. If you want to have success in this kind of affiliate program you need consistency, knowledge, and hunger to keep doing the things you need to do every day even if you don´t have results. I have bought a lot of programs and experimented with all kinds of business models until I found something that I can do every day that doesn´t feel like work, enjoyed it and help people.