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E-commerce Specialist Test Group

Once you make it in, you’ll learn:

The #1 secret for making any website go from barely getting one sale per week to thousands of sales every month

One tiny advertising trick that practically covers 99% of your costs

The big secret to getting consulting clients

A psychological hack so powerful, you’ll be praying for people to ask you if you’re new because you’ll know how to make it work in your favor

A simple online sales plan that tells you exactly what steps to take, so you never feel confused again about pricing your products and services

How to pinpoint trending products and sell them online — before anyone else!

How to get business owners competing for your help as if you’re one of the top ecommerce experts in the world

How to find out if your ads will have long-term potential — without spending a lot of money…

How to quickly scale your campaigns without losing margins

How to search for high-quality products on AliExpress and what to say when introducing yourself to a vendor that almost guarantees rock-bottom prices

10 elements of a high-converting website that can be used for advertisements, landing pages, and scripts (any single one of these can increase sales, but when combined, you can see up to 500% more conversions )

What words to NEVER use on your popup

An inexpensive plugin you can get for less than $10 a month that made my business partner $75,000

10 simple Facebook advertising tricks that have only been shared once during a $2,000 event

The best way to get your first 100,000 followers on social media

The one thing more than 90% of websites on the internet are lacking that’s destroying their reputation (the good news is, setting it up only takes 20 minutes!)

Best scientific methods for split testing, so you always know what to say on your websites, social media, emails, and more

How to get open rates of 97% using SMS

How to make buying your products and services as easy as possible, even if they’re expensive

What to say to someone who can’t afford your services, so they actually end up paying you MORE than you originally asked for

How to make one-time buyers become loyal customers, so you know every sale ends up generating 3-5x more revenue

How to make your followers on social media love your brand so much, they fend off any trolls, spammers, and negative people for you

The “Omnipresence Retargeting System” that automatically converts prospects to customers during every single step of the sale funnel (which is great for when you have multiple businesses running at once and prefer to have them on autopilot)

How to search and install the best plugins, apps, and templates (once you add these to your site, it’ll feel like the difference between driving in a beat-up Honda vs. a brand new Ferrari)

And one more thing

The 2 Months of 1-on-1 SMS coaching bonus